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We bring influencers and brands together to create a world leading platform where both sides are profitable and extremely satisfied.

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We’ve made influencer marketing easy

Our platform is simple to use and effortless to use, in just a few minutes you can be fully setup and accepting paid sponsorship from world recognised brands and companies!

1. Create your profile
2. Get Information
3. Receive notifications from leading brands and shine!
4. Make bank!

After you signup with SocialElite you’ll be given your personal account login details.

Once you login you’ll be able to see your Instagram profile details with lots of other cool information about your account you didn’t even know yourself!!

Once a brand / product has selected you to post you’ll be sent a notification of what to do. This can vary from; taking a picture of you and the product, posting images and text provided by the company / brand or being given freedom to create your own custom creations!

You’ll be paid for each post you are assigned with, you must complete the full task assigned to you by the brand / product owner to receive payment.

Any products sent to you are yours to keep, you can request payment
and will be paid to either bank account or a PayPal account.

Helping your brand engage and activate
its audience authentically

Growing your band and social presence is so much easier when done with influencers! Purchasers trust people they follow online so why not have your brand promoted by them!

1. Create your Campaign
2. Send it for approval
3. Come along for the ride

Once you login to your dashboard you’ll be able to create a new campaign. You can upload artwork, links and text then select your budget, country, targeting interests, age and start narrowing down your influencers to match the desired outcome of your campaign.

Once you have created a campaign you can send it for approval, once the campaign is approved by our compliance team your campaign will be sent out to the influencers via push notification & email.

Once the influencer receives the campaign details they will post the specified artwork, links and text to their Instagram account.

We also offer custom campaigns that can be fully created by our top
influencers, ship them a sample of your product and let them get
creative! Any sales are fully tracked with out tracking system on an
influencer and campaign level.

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