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Influence advertising is paving the road to being the most fashionable way of online advertising with the biggest return on investment! Customers trust people they follow on social media so it’s a no brainer to have your brand or product promoted by our highly skilled influencers & creators!

Grow Your Brand Across Social Media

For Merchants

The best kind of advertising is word of mouth! With our platform you’ll have access to thousands of active influencers from all across the world that will promote your product or brand within just a few clicks.


For Influencers

Get paid for posting on your social media! Receive free products to use and review! We work with the best brands and companies that want you to showcase their products! It’s Fun, Simple & Super Easy To Use!


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SocialElite Features

Self-Serve Campaigns

Create a campaigns, upload images, text, send samples, select influencers, select goals, specify budget + Many other options to help you generate sales!

Real Time Tracking

We have A fully custom tracking system that allows you to see where and who your sales came from. Get Click & Conversion data all in real time!

Cost Per Action

We’re proud to say we have the first ever CPA platform! Try our CPA campaigns and only pay when a sale is made by an influencer! You set the commission and let the influencers do what they do best! PROMOTE!

Influencer Statistical Data

60,000+ Influencers
20 Million Monthly clicks
4,000+ Leading Brands

60,000+ marketers choose SocialElite – to drive engagement,
inspire loyalty and grow their revenues

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@ingridnilsen 1.1M Followers
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